HE12, HE17


AE14 Series


HS Series

An economical and a proven performer designed for small to mid-sized homes or homes with tight construction


  • Increases and controls the relative humidity and comfort level in your home to the level at which you’ll feel comfortable


  • A built-in bypass damper allows you to shut off flow of air through the humidifier when humidification is not needed, such as during the summer

Fan powered HE18 humidifier is a great choice where there isn’t enough space to install a bypass humidifier between the supply and return ductwork of the heating system


  • Enhances comfort level by maintaining the desired humidity level throughout the house. Suitable for small to mid-size houses or houses that have had significant improvements to the “tightness” of the house

Automatic whole home indoor humidification without the need for frequent water re-filling and pad cleaning, when compared to portable humidifiers


  • Ideal for modulating or variable speed furnaces or air handlers which produce lower air flows and air temperature in the ductwork compared to single stage equipment


  • High steam delivery rate helps ensure sufficient humidity in your home